Hypertension? A diet that saves and prolongs life

Hypertension - what is it and what is the cause

  • High blood pressure (hypertension) is a disease, the main manifestation of which is high blood pressure.
  • With a steady pressure 140 to 90 or above is needed to see a doctor because there are clear signs of hypertension.
  • Among the reasons doctors point out heredity, stress, low physical activity, and poor nutrition. An important long-term factor influence on high blood pressure is a high dose of sodium intake with a deficiency of potassium in the diet.

Recommendations on hypertension

People with high blood pressure, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, doctors often prescribe a diet low in sodium. In the "A diet low in sodium"developed by the Association of cardiologists and nutritionists in Ukraine, there are recommendation on the advisability of replacing ordinary salt for salt low sodium (30% and 70% potassium chloride sodium chloride), assuming no contraindications for use of potassium.

Salt on hypertension

In Ukraine, under the brand SOLENA salt is produced with reduced sodium content, meets the recommendations of the Association of Cardiologists and nutritionists. This salt is in its composition contains 30% potassium chloride and 70% sodium chloride solution.

Also in the lineup SOLENA with additives of seaweed (kelp), deficient trace elements magnesium, selenium, iodine, zinc, chromium.

Use salt SOLENA is an easy way to balance the content of potassium and sodium in the diet that will normalize blood pressure in hypertension, save and prolong the lives of yourself and loved ones.

Chief cardiologist of the Ministry of health about nutrition in hypertension

Yuriy SIRENKO - Chief Cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 2005-2014, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Symptomatic Arterial Hypertension Department of the National Research Center "Cardiology Institute named after Strazhsko" of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, State Prize of Ukraine. He is a recognized expert in the field of arterial hypertension of the European and International Society of Hypertension.

-Abroad salt content necessarily indicate on the label. We do not have. But thanks to this product with low sodium diet everyone can monitor your salt intake. The effectiveness of such salt mixtures in the prevention of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases confirmed the international practice.

SOLENA makes it possible to reduce sodium intake without reducing the taste threshold, because potassium is also salty. So, without affecting the eating habits, we, first, reduce sodium intake in the body. Secondly, we replace excess sodium with potassium. Thirdly, we compensate for the deficit of a number of trace elements...

Hypertension and 30 years of experience in Finland

The Finnish experiment, which was conducted over 30 years has demonstrated the effectiveness of salt potassium and proved that a decrease in the consumption of common salt by 30% and increase consumption of potassium reduces mortality from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases in 7 times, extending the life of an average of 13 years.

Salt SOLENA – best source of POTASSIUM

How much potassium is contained in a jar of salt SOLENA?

Where to buy?

Find out where to buy salt with potassium SOLENA to complete the doctor's recommendations and the prevention of hypertension. Salt wisely, live long!