Recommendations of the Ukrainian Association of Cardiologists and the Ukrainian Association of Nutritionists for a low-salt diet

  • Compliance with a low salt diet is an important element in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and control of symptoms of heart failure.
  • A diet low in salt content is one that includes 3.75 grams to 5 grams of salt per day.
  • With a decrease in salt intake by 5 g, the risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 17%, and stroke by 23%.
  • The effectiveness of salt restriction in hypertensive patients is equal to the use of a modern drug for reducing blood pressure.

Practical advice on compliance diet low sodium content

  • Eat natural, unprocessed foods.
  • Remember that the bulk of the salt is contained in the processed products - bread, meat products, canned goods, hard cheese and others.
  • Offer kids foods and dishes without significantly adding salt.
  • Add a minimum amount of salt when cooking. Sea salt on the content of sodium is not different from the usual salt.
  • Avoid using salted fish, soy sauce, Chinese food, barbecue sauce, olives, broth cubes, sauerkraut, pickles and tomatoes.
  • Try to prepare food at home to personally control the salt content of the dishes.
  • Use the mixture for seasoning or spices without salt content, or try to add to the dish greens, onions or garlic.
  • To prepare the meat marinades and sauces a try, as the foundation, orange juice, lemon, lime, pineapple and vinegar.
  • Do not use ready-made soups (concentrates), semi-finished products, frozen vegetable mixes, pizza.
  • If necessary, it is advisable to add salt to food with low sodium content (of 30% potassium chloride, 70% sodium chloride) in the absence of contraindications to the use of potassium.


Many sodium (salt) is contained in a bread, sausages (processed meat products), sandwiches (street hot dogs, hamburger), pizzas, ready soups from concentrates. Therefore, the use of these products should be avoided.

Authors developers:

  • Professor Dr. Sirenko , head of the department of secondary hypertension NSC "Institute of Cardiology, Strazhesko Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine ";
  • Candidate of Medical Science Associate Professor Shvets , Director of the State Research Center on Food Hygiene of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, President of the Association of Dietitians of Ukraine;
  • Dr. Voloshinf, Assistant professor of family medicine, internal medicine and cardiology Zaporozhye State Medical University.

Salt with low sodium content SOLENA

Salt with reduced sodium content recommended by the Association of nutritionists and cardiologists, shown in the line salts of Ukrainian origin SOLENA. The basic composition of salt SOLENA is a mixture of salts of sodium and potassium (70% sodium chloride and 30% potassium chloride). The salinity of salt SOLENA is almost the same as ordinary salt.