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Low sodium + potassium + kelp

Salt with low sodium + potassium, with the addition of powder of dry seaweed (kelp), 700 Form — Bank.

Composition: first-grade stone salt, grinding no.1 (sodium chloride) - 70%, potassium salt (potassium chloride) - 30%, crushed leaves of dry sea cabbage (kelp).

Salt has a light peculiar marine smell due to dry kelp in the mixture.

Purpose: for a healthy balanced diet, and people with hypertension - and to carry out the doctor's recommendations to reduce sodium intake of salt.

Product Details

The addition of kelp in powdered form gives you the opportunity to compensate for the lack of organic iodine.
Organic iodine in the cage of kelp has a long shelf life in comparison with inorganic forms of iodine and is not destroyed in the cooking process.

Potassium in such a salt mixture it improves the functioning of the heart, nervous system, muscle tissue, removes excess fluid from the body and reduces swelling, as well as stimulates the metabolism and improves immunity. Organic iodine improves the thyroid gland and the brain, positively affects the nervous system. When eating salt with kelp, radionuclides, heavy metals and antibiotic residues are eliminated.

Salt with potassium and kelpSalt with potassium, enriched with organic iodine in the form of a concentrate of seaweed, contains the optimal amount of iodine in the recommended daily intake. Iodine in such an organically bound form is absorbed in the amounts necessary for a person: in case of deficiency, it is actively absorbed, and in excess it is excreted from the body (unchanged) without toxic effects on the body.

The world health organization informs.
According to the latest estimates of the who, iodine deficiency threatens one third of world's population. One of the best ways to prevent iodine deficiency is to simply add products iodine to table salt.

Kelp (seaweed). Seaweed is a good prevention of leukemia and cancer. Plant pigments, present in marine algae (p-carotene, lutein and chlorophyll) give this product antimutagenic properties. In the seaweed a lot of iodine, the content of this beneficial algae can compete only with inedible peel walnuts. Sea Kale does not lose its use even after the culinary treatments. Seaweed with high iodine content, is a good means of prevention of thyroid diseases, including endemic goiter. If you regularly eat kelp, lowers cholesterol, improves the function of the Central nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, increases immunity, normalizes metabolism.