High blood pressure. Causes and treatment

Signs of high blood pressure

Signs of high blood pressure

Affliction of all times and peoples without any hesitation could be called high blood pressure in adults and adolescents, since 15 years. Experienced connoisseurs medical diagnoses did not hesitate to attribute hypertension to all those who have excess weight, constant headaches and tendency to redness of facial skin.

Accurate confirmation of increased blood pressure give only qualified specialist with medical education, but not the nimble neighbor, claiming the title of the local healer. Prolonged high blood pressure doctor determines within two months. Usually held at least three control measure. And high blood pressure what is it? Everyone has it own processes in the body are held at us differently. It is generally accepted, if not drop below 120/80 during these measurements, in your medical record will appear on the map you have high blood pressure.

The reasons for that increase the pressure

As with any chronic disease, emit characteristic causes high blood pressure. This is a condition in which blood vessels are almost always under high pressure of blood flow. The decisive influence of the strength and speed of the heart muscle, blood, which passed through the circulatory system in one minute. In General, a healthy person indicators changed in waves, and that's fine. At night this option decreases and, for example, after an active workout in the fitness room or in stressful situations jumps up.

List of reasons:

  • age-related changes in the body;
  • heredity;
  • shock;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • side effects of certain medicines;
  • failure of the hormonal system, particularly frequent thyroid problems;
  • problems with the kidneys and adrenal glands;
  • the predominance in the diet salty and oily food;
  • pregnancy.

Blood pressure indicators

  1. Pressure measurementThe systolic (upper) -at the moment when the heart muscle contracts and pushes blood into the arteries. High top pressure with its painful consequences difficult to transfer people of any age: severe headaches, nausea, fainting.
  2. Diastolic (bottom) -fixed on the relaxation phase of the heart. If the increased diastolic pressure systolic varies from to 15 units, then there is a serious malfunction in the body. Often raises this figure hidden pathological process in the whole system of bodies-cardiovascular, endocrine, or kidneys and adrenal glands.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

  • Obsessive malaise, constant weakness;
  • Unbearable headaches with a predominance in the back of the head, dizziness;
  • Crushing pains in the chest region of the body;
  • Drop in vision, sight in the eyes;
  • Drop in vision, sight in the eyes;

High blood pressure. Causes and treatment

How to treat high blood pressure?

Home device for measuring high and low pressure today is not a luxury for anyone. This is partly due to neglect of their health. It's so easy to get on the Internet and type a query “how to increase pressure” or “increased pressure what to do.” At the same time, it is easy to fall into the vicious circle of the unwarranted advice of the mountain specialists and the most favorite - the so-called home methods without drugs.

Only a competent doctor, firstly, can correctly diagnose, secondly, prescribe treatment for confirmed hypertension.

Often the following drugs are prescribed for the treatment:

  • Papazol
  • Captopril
  • Nifedipine

Attention! These drugs need to be taken only as directed, amateur activity leads to even more serious problems.