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Sea salt with low sodium + potassium

Food Sea salt + potassium (low sodium), 700 g. Form Bank.

Composition: sea salt food first grade, grind №1 (sodium chloride) – 70%, potassium salt (potassium chloride) – 30%.

Purpose: for a healthy balanced diet, and people with hypertension - and to carry out the doctor's recommendations to reduce sodium intake of salt.

Product Details

Sea salt with potassiumReduction of the daily value Potassium violates the acid-base and water-salt balance in the body, increases the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases. The who recommends the use of potassium is 3.5 g per day. For this we need to eat 200-300g of dried apricots every day. One bottle of SOLENA salt (700g) contains 98g of potassium – as much as 5 kg dried apricots.
Potassium is not just "dilute" the salt, decreasing sodium concentration, but also promotes the removal of sodium from the body.
Today SOLENA only produced in Ukraine salt mixture enriched in potassium, reduced in sodium.

Instead of common salt:
• to normalize the consumption of potassium, sodium and water balance;
• people with hypertension to normalize blood pressure and weight, improve heart, kidney.