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Food salt for diabetic diets with micro elements Mg, Se, Zn, Cr

Salt for those who control the level of sugar in the blood , 145g. Does not contain potassium! Form a salt shaker.

Composition: in 100 g salt – magnesium 550 mg, selenium 0.1 mg, chromium 0.07 mg, zinc 21 mg.

Specially designed for diabetic diets. Contains a database of essential trace elements to regulate the amount of sugar by the body. Contains magnesium, selenium, chromium and zinc in the citrate form.

A modern microelement complex obtained using the achievements of nanotechnology. By their structure and chemical purity, the microelements included in the complex are very close to those biometallic compounds that are synthesized in living cells (human, animal, plant cells). Therefore, when they enter a living cell, these microelements are perceived by them not as foreign elements, but as their own, which ensures their high biocompatibility and, accordingly, high digestibility (ten times higher than in most currently used ones).

Product Details


Improves insulin response in response to the sugar that comes from food, and improves the action of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels. Diabetes magnesium prevents cardiovascular complications and in combination with zinc, chromium, selenium improves the function of beta cells of the pancreas.


Necessary for the normal functioning of the immune system, for all processes of regeneration and recovery, because it increases the body's resistance to infections and skin barrier function, which is very important for diabetics who are prone to frequent infectious diseases, infection of skin wounds.


Increases tissue sensitivity to insulin, contributes to the formation of the desired stereo shape to insulin, so that it can efficiently move glucose into cells. Useful chrome is a reduction in cravings for sweets, which helps the patients to follow a diet with restriction of carbohydrates which have sweet taste. The intake of chromium reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and body weight in patients with obesity.


included in the essential enzyme glutathione peroxidase. This substance is one of the main enzymes of the antioxidant action. Selenium improves the absorption and use of insulin associated with diabetes mellitus.

Salt for diabetic diets can be bought at the following addresses:


  • Kiev, St. Surikov, 3-A
  • Kiev, Goloseevsky District, Street. Antonovich (Gorky), 50
  • Kiev, Solomensky District, Street. Getman Vadim, 6B (Cosmopolitan Center)
  • Kiev, Nivki, Street. Scherbakovsky, 58

Kiev region:

  • Brovary, st. Kievskaya, 316/2
  • Gatnoy Street. Kiev, 2-B
  • S.Khodosovka, street. ObukhovSky Highway, 1, 16.


  • Kanev St., 206 Division House 3


  • Lviv, 64-A Kulparkovskaya Street


  • Kharkov, st. Klochkovskaya, 134B
  • Kharkiv, Moscow, 274 B


  • Uzhgorod, st. Sobranetskaya, 89.

Nash Krai

  • Kovel, Grushevskogo, 10
  • Lutsk, Kovelska 40
  • Smela, Vyacheslav Chornovil, 4A
  • Radyvyliv, Pochaivska 33


  • Odessa, Vtsovsky shopping center, 140A Lustdorf Street.
  • Odesa, Victory Gardens, St. Varlamov 28.
  • Kiev, street. Honore de Balzaca, 2a (TC Global)
  • Kyiv, Pr. Obolonskiy 21b (MALL Dream Town)
  • Khmelnitsky Street. Zarechanskaya, 11/4.
  • Khmelnitsky Street. Zarechanskaya, 3 / 2B.
  • Khmelnitsky Street. Kamyanetskaya 17.
  • Khmelnitsky, Starokonstantinovsky highway, 2/1 B.
  • Khmelnitsky, Starokonstantinovsky Highway 26.

Grand Market

  • Cherkasy, str. B. Khmelnitsky, 55
  • Cherkasy, str. Gagarin, house 55/1