The story of the healthy salt

Experience of Finland

When in 1968 Finland was faced with the problem of hypertension among the population, especially in the northern part, the Government has developed and funded a program to improve the health of the population "North Karelia».

The result of this program, which lasted more than 25 years, has been the decline in mortality from cardiovascular disease seven times, and the average life expectancy increased by 13 years (from 68 to 81 years).

One of the important factors, which influence on the result, was a reduction in salt intake from 9g to 16g per day per person. Also since 1972 in Finland, in the framework of the programme, to replace common salt in food to the population was offered the saline mixture with the addition of 15% Potassium (30% potassium salts). It was possible, without changing its taste habits, only by replacing ordinary salt on salt with potassium, to reduce by 30% the consumption of excess sodium in the home. After such a positive experience in Finland this path taken by many countries of the world.

Now in a number of major retailers across Europe you can see the salt from the potassium and low sodium (with added salt of potassium from 30 to 70 percent). The potassium content is due to the fact that many people not only exceed the norm of consumption of sodium several times, but do not consume the right amount of potassium per day (potassium deficiency in the diet of the average person ranges from 10 to 40%). Replacing common salt on salt with potassium, we thus presented in the balance of consumption of sodium and potassium.

Ukraine - the leader of mortality in Europe

Since statistics show that Ukraine is now in Europe - the leader in mortality due to cardiovascular disease, as well as related to excess salt intake, it has become an urgent need for public access to a salt with low sodium and rich in potassium, as it has been practiced for a long time in more developed countries.

The initiative of the company “VEND”

The initiator of release of the salt with low sodium content and enriched with potassium were made by our company. Also in the line of salt manufactured at the plant, there was salt deficient in the diet in trace elements of magnesium, selenium, zinc, chromium, iodine. It is important that these trace elements in the salt mixtures are present in citrate (bioavailable) forms. Also in the lineup is a special salt intended for people controlling the level of sugar in the blood and saline mixture containing iodine in the associated (natural) molecular form (salt kelp).

We hope that the replacement of common salt in the salt mixture with potassium supplements and scarce micronutrients will help people to normalize blood pressure and prolong their healthy life.

Especially salt mixtures with potassium are necessary for people with high blood pressure. Because the doctors almost always warn them about the need to reduce salt intake and increase consumption of foods rich in potassium.

We wish you all good health and a long, happy life!