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Low sodium + potassium food salt

Salt with low sodium + potassium, 700g. It is made on the basis of salt of the cooked boiling grade "Extra". Forms of release - banks.

Composition: 70% regular salt (sodium chloride), 30% potassium salt (potassium chloride).

Potassium salts with reduced sodium content improves heart, nervous and muscular systems, removes excess fluid from the body, reduces edema, normalizes general physical condition, stimulates metabolism, improves vitality and efficiency.

Potassium is not just "dilute" the salt, decreasing sodium concentration, but successfully resists him. Insufficient consumption of potassium is associated with several noncommunicable diseases, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic formation of kidney stones and low bone mineral density.

Purpose: for a healthy balanced diet, and people with hypertension - and to carry out the doctor's recommendations to reduce sodium intake of salt.

Product Details

Salt +Potassium SOLENA is recommended instead of common salt:
• to normalize consumption Potassiumwater-salt balance;
• people with hypertension to normalize blood pressure and weight, improve heart, kidney;
• as an additional source of potassium in the diet.

The world health organization informs.
Ukraine ranks first in Europe for cardiovascular diseases and deaths from these diseases. Who calls to reduce the consumption of common salt, as excess sodium chloride is one of the leading risk factors of noncommunicable diseases, especially cardiovascular. The increase in concentration of potassium in the body leads to the excretion of excess sodium chloride.
WHO recommends increase your intake of potassium in the diet for lower blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and coronary heart disease in adults, as well as to monitor blood pressure in children. These recommendations complement the who guideline on sodium intake.

Why there is potassium deficiency.
Eating foods that contain preservatives, with sodium and excessive amounts of salt, – the main suppliers of sodium and inadequate intake of fruits and vegetables, main suppliers of potassium is the main cause of potassium deficiency in modern man.
Long-term use of diuretics and herbs, hormones of the adrenal cortex also lead to potassium deficiency.
Potassium loss observed in alcohol abuse.
Caffeine enhances the output of potassium from the body, so coffee lovers essential collection of extra potassium.
Бич современного общества – стрессы – приводят к повышенной задержке натрия в организме, чем могут вызвать опасный для здоровья дефицит калия