In the program "Live healthy!" Elena Malysheva said , which salt must be chosen for the house

SOLENA salt with potassium for isotonic drinks and cooking for athletes

Did you know that ... The Finns have increased life expectancy
an average of 13 years, replacing the common salt to a healthy

Chief cardiologist of the Ministry of Health on the role of salt and potassium intake for heart health and the normalization of blood pressure

Elena Malysheva: which salt must be chosen for the house (video)

Соль пищевая для здоровья

Salt SOLENA is a healthy alternative to regular table salt. This is a mixture of sodium salts and potassium for a balanced healthy diet. Such salt in Europe has long been known as salt with a lower sodium content, low-sodium salt with potassium supplements. It is used by people who cherish their health.

Salt SOLENA It is recommended as a useful product healthy food (including the athletes - to prepare Isotonic drinks). Especially SOLENA be helpful to people with high blood pressure to carry out the doctor's recommendations to reduce salt intake and increase potassium intake.

Salt SOLENA with magnesium, selenium, zinc and chromium will be useful to people who controls the sugar level in blood.

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Assortment of salt SOLENA

Assortment of salt SOLENA

SOLENA in commercial networks

Where to buy SOLENA salt in Ukraine

Where to buy SOLENA

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