Cardiologists about SOLENA salt in hypertension, high blood pressure, heart diseases

July 6, 2016 in the Studio of Internet portal “Business Region” held an online conference with participation of experts of modern medicine and the manufacturer of salt SOLENA. Topic of discussion – "Innovative salt mixtures and their impact on the health of the heart and blood vessels".

Any Internet user in the course of a week could ask the professionals your question. Following the conference, we offer answers to the most interesting of them.

Conference participants

Yuri Sirenko

The chief cardiologist of Ministry of Health of Ukraine 2005-2014, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, head of Department of symptomatic arterial hypertensions SI "NSC "Institute of cardiology named Strazhesko" NAMS of Ukraine, laureate of State prize of Ukraine. Is a recognized expert in the field of arterial hypertension of the European and International societies of hypertension.

Vladimir Kazmiruk

Cardiologist, head of Department of hypertension of Cherkassy regional cardiology center, honored doctor of Ukraine.

Alexandr Romanenko

Creator and producer of healthy salt with SOLENA Potassium and low sodium, Director of PE “VEND”.

– I read about the Finnish experience. There, in my opinion, it was also suggested a similar salt. It led to a decrease in the number of heart disease. Is it the same salt?
P. S. In my opinion the program was called the “North Karelia”

Vladimir, Severodonetsk

– Finland had one of the highest mortality rates. But was developed a great preventive project, the results of which led to a reduction in cardiovascular and total mortality. Now Finland is a country where mortality rates are among the lowest in Europe, and life expectancy – the biggest. The project included the changes of the behaviors because many cardiovascular risk factors associated with human behavior, in particular, its food habits and products that uses.

Yuri Sirenko

- We looked at the recipes offered Finland for children and schools. Our salt is similar – about the same percentage. We offer salt TM SOLENA Sol for the whole family, for a healthy diet, hypertension, high blood pressure. It is a mixture of 30% potassium chloride and 70% sodium chloride. It is the base. And to it we add the other additives: organic iodine in the form Jodis-concentrate or concentrate of kelp, and magnesium, zinc, selenium in a highly bioavailable citrate form which is easily absorbed by the body.

Alexander Romanenko

You know that Ukraine occupy the first place in deaths from excess salt intake among the 30 largest States? We probably all first after Honduras!


– Yes, indeed, in Ukraine in a year from cardiovascular diseases die about 450 thousand people. It's more than the population of the town of Cherkasy with the suburbs. In the US the average is about 250 thousand people, in Europe – from 200 to 400 thousand. So really, this figure is very high. It is a consequence of several factors: smoking, excessive salt intake, excessive alcohol intake, low physical activity, excess body weight, level of glucose in the blood, cholesterol. And the contribution of excessive salt intake to increased mortality from cardiovascular diseases is quite significant – at least 10%. Therefore, reducing the salt intake, we can reduce mortality by 10%. And it is 45 thousand people annually.

Yuri Sirenko

– Does primary hypertension excesses with salt consumption? In the press someone from the Ministry of health of Ukraine gave the numbers that the officially registered hypertensive patients are about 14 million. If you use this salt as a preventative, is it possible to reduce the quantity of hypertension desease?


- Primary hypertension is the result of many factors, among them not only genetic features, but also dietary and behavioral habits. An excessive amount of salt leads to earlier onset of problems with high blood pressure and increases the incidence of various complications. Why high salt consumption is a direct way to increase the number of cardiovascular diseases. The decrease in the consumption of this product leads to improved control of arterial pressure had been repeatedly confirmed by research. One antigipertenzivny the drug reduces systolic blood pressure on average by 15-16 mm Hg and diastolic by 8-9 mm Hg and Then as a result of reducing salt intake pressure falls by 7-10 mm Hg that is, the effect of reducing the consumption of salt is equal to the effect of single antihypertensive agents.

Yuri Sirenko

– This salt is for and the need to reduce the negative impact of sodium on the body. We in Ukraine eat salt several times more than the physiological norm – 5 g per day. A salt with low sodium content and enriched with potassium gives you the option of not changing the taste characteristics and lifestyle, to reduce the amount of sodium consumed.

Alexander Romanenko

– And what does the salt do? Let's see how much of stress around, but it affects the body, and that pours the heart.


– Indeed, there are many risk factors that cause cardiovascular disease. Annually, the world health organization makes an annual report on 10 major causes of death. And improper diet always in the top three of reasons. It usually involves several factors: a deficiency of protein, excess salt intake, lack of vitamins. Partially reduces the negative impact of our food habits on the health of the cardiovascular system the use of salt with low in sodium and rich in potassium and other micronutrients necessary for normal functioning of the body.

Volodymyr Kazmiruk

Your innovative blend is a panacea for heart disease?

Sergey, Kremenchug

– The situation with cardiovascular diseases in Ukraine is very difficult. Therefore, we have proposed a path that went to his time in Finland for 30 years and reached almost the greatest longevity in Europe. The program "North Karelia" has covered about 200 thousand people, and then it was extended to the whole of Finland. As a result of the implementation of the program, the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease decreased by 7 times, and life expectancy increased by 13 years – from 68 to 81 years. It is not a panacea, but a tool that will help to improve health, extend life and its quality.

Alexander Romanenko

Abroad the salt content be sure to indicate on the label. We don't have that. But thanks to this product with reduced sodium content each person can control the consumption of salt. Of course, this is not a panacea, but the effectiveness of such salt mixtures in the prevention of cardiovascular disease confirmed by international practice.

Yuri Sirenko

– I have a question to the businessman Romanenko – what is your innovation and how your innovation support cardiologists?

Anna, the owner, Kiev

In Europe And America. Russia has long produced salt with potassium supplementation. In Ukraine, we were the first because they want the example of European countries to reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases. Our next step ahead of manufacturers: taking the salt with potassium, we enriched it with the concentrate of laminaria, citrate of metals (by the way, Ukrainian production). This is the innovativeness of the product. Metals in citrate form is the most bioavailable. They are necessary for the formation of enzymes, which are catalysts of chemical processes occurring in our body.

Alexander Romanenko

– This salt makes it possible to reduce the intake of sodium without sacrificing flavor threshold, because potassium is also salty. That is, without affecting food habits, we, first, reduce receipts of sodium in the body. Secondly, excess sodium is replaced by potassium. Thirdly, compensate shortage of a number of minerals that are contained in this enriched salt. This is a positive and innovative development.

Yuri Sirenko

– I am interested in the question of certification your mixes – who and when they certified?

Victor, Kiev

Technical conditions developed in Scientific research Institute of nanobiotechnologies. And certification of this salt took place at the Institute of food hygiene, the Ministry of health made a sanitary-hygienic conclusions and agreed on the release of this salt.

Alexander Romanenko

I know that in Europe produce a kind of special salt, as if harmless. And here you write about Finland. So there is discipline and standard of living what. And who among us will do it? This W salt pricey for sure. Do we afford it?


– As the popular saying goes, we are not so rich to buy cheap things. Therefore, it is better to take what you need, what works. Salt is one of the possible solutions for the problem of high blood pressure. To provide the daily needs of the organism with potassium, you need to eat at least 200 grams of dried apricots a day. Calculate how much the apricots and how many Bank of salt. How many days is enough in a can of salt compared to the 200 grams of dried apricots. That is, potassium-enriched salt is a simple, cheap and easy way to improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. Yes, it is more expensive than regular salt. But we get not only the reduction of sodium consumption, but also compensate the deficiency of micronutrients, for which you still have to pay by buying certain foods or vitamin-mineral complexes.

Yuri Sirenko

– It is necessary to understand that there is price and value. The value of this product is much higher than its price. Market Bank our salt costs about 50-60 UAH. depending on the additives. At the same time, in this Bank there is 100 g of potassium. It is about 300 bananas for potassium content. But bananas are considerably more expensive cost. That is, salt is really inexpensive. Not to mention the fact that the treatment of cardiovascular problems is much more expensive than prevention. Price is dictated by the cost of potassium chloride, which costs much more than regular salt. Plus the cost of the work for the production of salt.

Alexander Romanenko

– Good afternoon, colleagues. I am a doctor myself, and wonder why still so few people know about the dangers of salt and about basic ways to prevent heart problems and blood vessels. Everyone knows that it's bad, but no one can explain why. So it is a good idea to talk about it. I have the following question: what insights or case studies do you follow when recommending to replace the salt for the salt mixture? Whether these compounds are what are the side effects?

Eugene P.

Clinical studies that were conducted in America showed that reducing salt intake to 5 grams per day (this is the physiological norm) has led to a serious decrease in blood pressure of 7-10 mm Hg. art In the modern industrialized society, a person consumes salt in half, and then in three more physiological norm. Because eating a lot of semi-finished and finished products, which already contain salt in the recipe. This leads to the fact that changing the metabolism of sodium. And this fluid retention in the body, transport of ions through the cell membrane of vascular tone. Because vascular wall, which contains more sodium, more sensitive to vasoconstrictor substances, which reduce the lumen of blood vessels. Therefore, the first recommendation of cardiology – remove salt from the table. Or eat foods prepared at home where you can substitute regular salt that has reduced sodium, and enriched in other trace elements. Clinical studies have shown that increased consumption of potassium and magnesium leads to a decrease in blood pressure, slowing the development of atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, clinical studies of this salt were not carried out. But the Finnish practice has proved that it is effective. And clinical studies have shown that reducing sodium intake and increasing potassium intake leads to positive changes in cardiovascular system.

Yuri Sirenko

The father has arterial hypertension for many years. Food constantly doselevel. As I understand it, the sudden rejection of salt is also harmful? What harmful salt and how can we safely reduce its consumption?


– It is very difficult to give up their food habits. Restriction of salt in the diet is one of the ways to solve the problem of hypertension. Generally you cannot do without it, as the salt forms in the body for many important processes. But to reduce consumption by simply replacing ordinary salt that contains potassium. So you have 30% reduce the consumption of sodium and enrich the cells with necessary potassium.

Volodymyr Kazmiruk

– Can children this salt? It will give some effect?


– If you rely on the Finnish experience, there students were given. And how are they different from our children? The body grows, the number of cells increases, and 98% of potassium is contained in cells. Accordingly, the amount of potassium must also be replenished, which means salt will be useful. The iodine child should get daily...

Alexander Romanenko

– Potassium, magnesium, selenium by themselves are not toxic. Their children consume different foods. And in those concentrations that they are used for cooking, they have poisoned impossible. As for iodine, it is used for the prevention of cretinism in children.

Yuri Sirenko

– Hypertension, much younger. Now increasingly there is an increase in blood pressure in children. Obviously, because the foods contain a lot of salt. Because sodium chloride is the cheapest and easiest preservative. We have used salting, pickling, Smoking.

Volodymyr Kazmiruk

Have you seen this salt in a “Delicate”. Tell me, why is there potassium?


– This salt makes it possible to reduce the intake of sodium without sacrificing flavor threshold, because potassium is also salty. That is, without affecting food habits, we, first, reduce receipts of sodium in the body. Secondly, excess sodium is replaced by potassium. Thirdly, compensate shortage of a number of minerals that are contained in this enriched salt. People with cardiovascular disease, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of salt, or rather sodium, and to eat more potassium. Because sodium contributes to fluid retention in the body, leading to heart failure. And potassium moves fluid. In addition, the deficiency of potassium in the cells leads to heart arrhythmia. We recommend that patients increase your intake of potassium. So salt with low in sodium and rich in potassium help to improve condition in cardiovascular diseases and will be a great prevention.

Yuri Sirenko

– And why, actually, all salt mixtures instead of salt? Why the body with all sorts of additives loading?


– The salt which we used to eat, is an artificial additive. In nature, practically no animal salt does not use. We used to spices because they make food tastier, like salt. And knowing the damage that causes the body to sodium chloride, we can say that salt fortified with potassium, useful. The more that our body needs daily replenishment of potassium.

Yuri Sirenko

– I live in Kharkiv, and your salt in our commercial networks are not met. My colleagues at the office also surprised shrug. Because among the participants are scientists-cardiologists, submitting a proposal – why this salt does not appear in the pharmacy network?

Andrey, Kharkov

– In Kharkiv, this salt is sold in supermarkets "SPAR". About the pharmacies – are we interested in this question. But salt is a food product and has no right to sell the pharmacies. Although worldwide pharmacies are like mini-markets. Abroad there is no such restriction, so I think it is a question of the future.

Alexander Romanenko

– Daughter bought me this salt with kelp. It is written that there is iodine. But he quickly disappears. And how to cook it – you can, or then the whole benefit will be lost?

Novikova Tatyana Ivanovna

– Now go research the temperature at which the iodine evaporates. According to preliminary data, it is kept to a temperature of 103 degrees. This is higher than the boiling point. But tests are still ongoing. If we talk about the benefits of iodine, the human body better absorbed organic iodine than the potassium Iodate, which usually enrich the salt. We use organic Jodis-concentrate. We refused from the Iodate of potassium, because it is the oxidant, besides, it should be stored only in opaque containers so as not to lose useful qualities.

Alexander Romanenko

– I read that cooking salt with iodine is impossible, because it becomes poisonous. And with such salt mixtures it is possible to cook food? They do not become toxic? Thanks for the reply.


– Iodine disappears. Its the number just decreases. Minerals cannot by heating to become toxic. Much iodine is toxic, a lot of salt is toxic.

Alexander Romanenko

– Dear Vladimir Ivanovich! If treated salt mixtures of the disorders of diastolic function in type 1 (slow down the process of relaxation of the ventricle in diastole)? I am 56 years old. Hypertension 2 tbsp. Obesity and diabetes do not get sick.


– Salt mixtures do not cure, but help to avoid complications and improve the General condition of the cardiovascular system. With cardiovascular disease the excess sodium starts to replace potassium, and pulls the calcium. A lack of calcium leads to a deterioration of the heart, it overflows fluid. Indeed, diastole is not total relaxation, as the muscle shortened. So the heart receives less blood. Therefore, overload is clearly harmful.

Volodymyr Kazmiruk

– Tell me, what other products other than salt that are harmful for the body in terms of heart health, and which are useful?


– There are a number of dietary habits, which do lead to loss of health. One of the most dangerous excessive sugar consumption. The norm in Europe – 25 grams of sugar a day. We consume on average about 80 grams of sugar. This leads to cardiovascular problems. Little consumption of greens and fresh vegetables, where a lot of minerals and vitamins. In Mediterranean countries the highest life expectancy, as their diet is built on vegetables and herbs. Fats should also be included in the diet, but in moderation. After all, cholesterol is the basis of of sex hormones, it provides intellectual activity. That is why the Ukrainians have long been used fat. If you reduce cholesterol intake, you'll fall in mental activity. But the clear top three leaders most harmful for the heart products are salt, sugar and alcohol in large quantities.

Volodymyr Kazmiruk