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Low sodium salt + potassium + magnesium

Salt with potassium and magnesium (low sodium) , 145g. Made on the basis of salt cooked variety "Extra."
Composition: 70% regular salt (sodium chloride), 27% potassium salt (potassium chloride), 3% magnesium citrate.

Purpose: for a healthy balanced diet, and people with hypertension - and to carry out the doctor's recommendations to reduce sodium intake of salt.

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It is recommended that instead of regular salt
• for the prevention of diseases caused by magnesium deficiency, for the normalization of consumption Potassiumwater-salt balance;
• people with hypertension to normalize blood pressure and weight, improve heart, kidney.

Salt with potassium and magnesium

Magnesium belongs to important microelements necessary for normal functioning of all body systems. Of course, there are the necessary norm of its content in the body. A characteristic feature is that to fill such a need among food almost impossible. The fact that in this case will have to be consumed daily, such foods that are hard to imagine – up to three litres of milk and two kilograms of meat daily. There is the other side that leads to quite rapid loss of magnesium in the body. There are some products that contribute to it — for example, sweets, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. Stress, excessive exercise also lead to magnesium deficiency. In modern conditions the problem of a lack of magnesium is very relevant. The characteristic symptoms are the following – the presence of irritability, bad mood, depression, increased emotionality, fatigue. Sleep can be disturbed (complaints of insomnia). At objective inspection you can see that hair and skin are in poor condition. In addition, the possible complaints of muscle cramps, tingling. Regulating the tone of blood vessels, normalizes magnesium blood pressure. Adequate amount of magnesium ensures normal heart activity. Magnesium is involved in immune processes, while providing an adequate immune response, increases the resistance, participating in formation of immune response, resistance to infection, and prevents allergic reactions.