Potassium: what is needed and what is contains?


Potassium regulates the metabolism, maintains the acid-base and water-salt balance of the body. The abundance of potassium has implications for improving the health and well-being.

Potassium for family health

Potassium is a required component of the intracellular environment of all living organisms. In human body, about 98 % of potassium is inside the cells of tissues.

Paired with sodium, potassium regulates water and salt balance, affect the nervous system, the rhythm and heart function, muscle tone, and generally is responsible for high performance and well-being.

Potassium is the an essential trace mineral, which greatly reduces the risk of swelling and stimulates the production of enzymes. But as with food, we fill up in the body a lot of excess salt (sodium chloride) and potassium consume not enough, then do that without knowing it, hurt themselves, daily, disrupting the natural balance of the body.

Problems arising from the lack of potassium

The total amount of potassium contained in all cells, fluids and tissues of the human body, is about 250 g. the Lack of this trace element can cause constant sleepiness and apathy, digestive disorders, jumps blood pressure, the occurrence of cardiac arrhythmias, loss of mental clarity and clarity of thought.

Potassium deficiency in pregnant women can provoke serious pathologies in the unborn baby.

Long lack of potassium in the human body may cause serious problems such as kidney disease or adrenal, edema, muscular dystrophy, disruptions in the heart, nervous exhaustion, the appearance of mucosal ulcers and erosions. Potassium

Intake of potassium per day

The daily requirement of potassium for different categories of people has its own. WHO recommends eating at least 3.5 g potassium per day.

But athletes and people with high physical activity daily potassium requirement is much higher and can exceed 5 g

What protects the potassium?

From a stroke - in people with high levels of potassium in the blood the risk of stroke is significantly reduced;

High blood pressure - diet high in potassium normalizes blood pressure.

From osteoporosis – снижения прочности кости и повышения риска переломов. Исследования доказали связь здоровой плотности костной ткани с достаточным потреблением калия.

When the potassium deficiency is exacerbated?

- the abuse of caffeine and alcohol;

– in case of severe vomiting or diarrhea, bulimia and anorexia;

– with a shortage of magnesium;

- the treatment with diuretics, beta-agonists, decongestants, bronchodilators, tocolytics, diuretics, mineralocorticoid, high doses of glucocorticoids, large doses of antibiotics.


What contains potassium?

Basically potassium contained in plant foods: fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains and legumes.
Particularly rich in potassium avocado, tangerine, banana, kiwi, grapes, dates, figs, strawberry, currant, melon, watermelon, prunes, raisins, dried apricots, nuts, cocoa beans.

In 100 g of product contains potassium % of daily value
oranges 180 mg 5%
bananas 357 mg 10%
peaches 200 mg 6%
grapes 190 mg 6%
asparagus 201 mg 6%
green beans 208 mg 6%
raw spinach 557 mg 16%
raw Brussels sprouts 388 mg 11%
mushrooms 483 mg 14%
baked potatoes (with peel) 534 mg 15%
clams 627 mg 16%
natural yogurt 233 mg 7%

Salt with the use

One of the inexpensive and delicious ways every day to get extra potassium is to replace ordinary kitchen salt on a pinch of healthy salt mixture of sodium and potassium salts. Salt with the potassium salt has the same taste and properties as regular salt, but unlike 100% of the sodium is balanced, that is harmless and useful. First "smart" salt mix for more than 30 years ago appeared in Finland, and today is used worldwide and is known as «low-sodium salt". In the grocery stores where healthy salt with potassium salt represented by domestic production SOLENA. 700 g jar of this salt contains as much potassium as in 5 kg dried, 10 kg of raisins, 300 or bananas!

Use to eat healthy and strengthen the immunity of SOLENA salt with potassium!

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