As reported Public health center, as of April 6, 2020 in Ukraine from 38 deaths with diagnosed coronavirus COVID-19 more than 70% of patients had cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, in January 2020 36341 Ukrainians died from circulatory system diseases (according to State Statistics Service of Ukraine) Perhaps it is time to declare an epidemic for cardiovascular disease?

Let us turn to the facts:

  • since 1991, the population of Ukraine from 51.9 million people decreased by 9.7 million people, and as of January 1, 2018 amounted to 42.4 million people;
  • The main cause of death in recent years is cardiovascular disease (67.0%), followed by neoplasms (13.6%). External causes caused 5.4% of deaths;
  • in Ukraine during 1991–2013, the incidence of CVD has almost doubled - from 2512 to 4972 cases per 100 thousand people;
  • the mortality rate due to heart disease in Ukraine reaches 67% and is almost the highest in the world (European rates - 27%);
  • more than 400 thousand Ukrainians die from cardiovascular diseases annually (on average more than 1000 people die daily).

How to protect yourself from cardiovascular disease?

Back in the 70s, the Finns reduced mortality from cardiovascular diseases by 10 times. For this, it was not even necessary to pass any laws.

People were simply explained about the cause of cardiovascular diseases and told about prevention methods.

More about this in the plot of TСН.

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