Internet-conference with the chief cardiologist of Ukraine

The chief cardiologist of Ukraine Yuri Sirenko
The chief cardiologist of Ukraine Yuri Sirenko

As each of us can enhance the health of your heart and blood vessels, which modern solutions exist today - told the chief cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 2005-2014, MD, Professor, Head of Department of symptomatic arterial hypertension GU "NSC" Institute of Cardiology im.Strazhesko "NAMS Ukraine Yuri Sirenko and head of the department of Cherkassy Regional Cardiology Center, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Volodymyr Kazmiruk during the Internet-conference.

Internet conference "Innovative salt mixtures and their impact on the health of the heart and blood viens" on 6 July on the portal "Business region". Participation also took the producer of innovative salt mixtures SOLENA Alexander Romanenko. Ask a question to the parties any user of the Internet.

To see the results of the conference In here.

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