The Finnish miracle, or the success of the project "Northern Karelia"

Фінське диво, або Успіх проекту Північна Карелія

In the second half of the twentieth century, mankind is facing a problem of rapid growth of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and so on. All this was the consequence of malnutrition, passive life, bad ecology. One of the important components of the problem of malnutrition is a problem of excessive salt intake. We don't even notice how much extra salt you eat every day in bread, cheeses, sausages! Unfortunately, Ukraine ranks first on death rate from excessive salt intake among the 30 largest European countries. And mortality from cardiovascular disease is about 68%. According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine in 2016, there were more than 14 million people suffering from hypertension.
European countries have already gone the way of limiting salt intake. They made the laws and the national program for rationing consumption of salt.
Interesting how 30 years the whole world was watching for the unique experiment of the Finns. In Finland, raised average life expectancy from 68 years to 81 years (13 years) and decreased mortality from cardiovascular disease in 7 times due to the implementation of the project “Northern Karelia”.

Explanatory work among the population of Finland is allowed to limit the use of nasizhennyh fats, increase consumption of plant foods.
And most importantly – to reduce the salt intake of 15 g to 9 g per day (at a rate of 5 g according to the recommendations of the world Health Organization). For this recommended for use instead of usual salt – salt mixture enriched with 30% potassium chloride.

For example, the Finns are now millions of people in Europe, Scandinavia and Canada.
The project "Northern Karelia" – not a program of economic development grant to conduct cardoperated. The aim of the project is to study the effect of food on the high rates of mortality from strokes and heart attacks.
Recognizing this problem, the Ukrainian company "Wendy" set out to inform the public and set up production of potassium salt mixes that taste like regular salt.
In cooperation with the satellite centre of the UNESCO – Kiev Institute of nanobiotechnology – have developed recipes salt mixes that are recommended by leading cardiologists of Ukraine.
Now the doctors have a choice in hypertension patients they can recommend:
– reduce the consumption of salt;
- eat salt with a reduced sodium and potassium enriched.
This will give the opportunity not only to eat pure salt is 30% less without changing food habits, but will also enrich your diet with potassium, which, according to statistics, in the food is insufficient.
Patients with hypertension also have a choice, on the advice of the doctor they can:
– reduce the consumption of salt ;
– replace it with a salt mix with a reduced content of sodium.
By the way, 700 g can of salt mix contains as much potassium as it contains 300 bananas, 5 kg of dried apricots or 10 kg of raisins. Calculate how much are these products?
Statistics indicate insufficient quantities in foods such macro-and microelements as potassium, magnesium, selenium, iodine, zinc and others, so the company began to produce salt mixtures enriched with trace elements.
Today the company "VEND" produces various salt mixtures.
Up to 70% of this mix is pure salt (sodium chloride), such as "Extra", or sea rock salt of milling No. 1, to 30% potassium chloride, and the rest is additives, namely kelp (pomelena dry seaweed), Jodis-concentrate, magnesium, selenium, chromium and zinc in citrate – boostup form.
The use of dietary salt mixtures, rich in potassium and microelements, instead of common salt will improve the functioning of the heart, nervous and muscular systems, will contribute to the prevention of thyroid diseases, the normalization of the General physical condition, metabolism, will increase vitality and performance. It will also be useful to the people who control the sugar level in the blood.
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