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When the COVID-19 pandemic came, many began to be vaccinated in the hope of not getting sick and saving lives.

But for some reason, few of us have noticed the mortality from cardiovascular diseases (CDC), which in 2020 more than 20 times more than the mortality rate from COVID-19.

High blood pressure is the cause of GSS and can also affect death in coronavirus infection.

As reported The "Public Health Center" of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in Italy, more than 76% of people who died from complications caused by COVID-19, had high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a common cause of GSS.

Regular excess in the diet of regular salt (sodium chloride) - the main supplier of sodium for the body - leads to the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, an increase in blood volume, and is the cause of high blood pressure.

Based on the results of the study STEPS19, Ukrainians are almost 3 times higher than the norm of sodium consumption and consume potassium 1.5 times less than the norm.

High blood pressure is a common cause of GSS. Perhaps that is why ukraine is now the first in Europe in terms of mortality from the NHS and the frequency of strokes.

Finnish population health programme

When the Finns faced such a situation in the 1980s as Ukraine today, they adopted a program to improve the population of "North Karelia".

As the results of this programme, which lasted more than 20 years, showed that the population's intake of sodium and potassium intake had an impact on reducing mortality from the NHS by 7-10 times and increasing the healthy life expectancy of Finns by more than 13 years.

How did the Finns normalize their sodium and potassium intake?

The main source of sodium in the diet is the usual sodium salt (sodium chloride). Therefore, to reduce the amount of sodium in salt, the Finns began to produce a salt mixture of sodium and potassium salts in a 70/30 proportion. This mixture was called "Salt with reduced sodium content."

Salt with reduced sodium content Finns began to use in nutrition, starting with kindergartens and schools. hereof Told in an interview with TSN, the Assistant Minister of Finland.

The use of such salt in ready-made foods and when cooking at home has helped the Finns to reduce their sodium and potassium intake and to improve the population.

Is salt produced with reduced sodium content in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, about 10 different types of salts with reduced sodium content are produced under the brand name SOLENA.

Salt for healthy food with reduced sodium solena can be purchased In stores Ukraine, in online stores.

Who cares about their health and the health of their loved ones can take advantage of the Finnish experience in improving the population, bringing to normal the consumption of sodium and potassium. Ukrainian salt will help you in this SOLENA.

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