Why do we eat a lot of salt and how does it affect health?


At the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and with the financial support of the World Bank, studies on noncommunicable diseases STEPS 2019 were conducted in Ukraine for the first time. They were carried out by specialists of the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Institute of Social Research. these studies have shownthat Ukrainians exceed the intake of sodium salt (and this is regular table salt) almost three times (12.6g - at the rate of 5.0 g), and potassium deficiency in the diet is observed in 79.5% of the population (2.5 grams - at the norm of 3.5 grams).

What does this lead to?

With excessive consumption of sodium salt and potassium deficiency there is a retention of water in the body, disrupted cardiovascular activity, increased blood pressure. As a result - the development of pathologies of the heart and vascular diseases, the main of which is hypertension (in more than 40% of the population - just such a diagnosis).

The body also loses intensely calcium with high blood pressure, which can lead to osteoporosis and kidney disease. And since sodium, potassium and calcium are the main macronutrients of water-salt exchange, we can state that the majority of the population of Ukraine it is broken.

By the way, since Soviet times, in front of the offices of cardiologists and therapists were attached recommendations for hypertension, which in order to preserve the health of the population call for a reduction in the use of sodium salt in the diet and increased consumption of vegetables and fruits rich in potassium.

How does blood pressure affect coVID-19?

along Message In China, 25% to 50% of people who contracted coronavirus had high blood pressure or comorbidities: oncology, diabetes, etc. in Italy, more than 76% of people who died from complications of COVID-19, suffered from hypertension.

Recommendations of nutritionists and cardiologists to normalize sodium and potassium intake

  • Limit the consumption of foods that contain a lot of sodium salt, as 80% of it we consume with ready-made foods.
  • Increase the diet of vegetables and fruits rich in potassium.
  • Reduce the amount of sodium salt we use in cooking (this is about 20%).

What should be done to comply with the recommendations of doctors?

  • Remove the salt shaker from the table and get used to a fresher diet.
  • Instead of salt in the food add spicy unsalted seasonings.
  • Buy for use low-sodium salt, potassium supplementthat will not change the taste habits, because it is similar to the kitchen to taste.

Finland's experience in reducing sodium salt intake

The Finnish government, to bring sodium salt intake to normal and reduce potassium deficiency in nutrition, starting with kindergartens and schools, began to use salt with low sodium and the addition of potassium. In this mixture, sodium and potassium salts are combined in a 70/30 proportion.

The use of low-salt sodium foods in nutrition has allowed the Finnish population to reduce its intake from 16g to 7g per day.

Reducing sodium salt intake Affected to reduce mortality from cardiovascular disease by 7-10 times and increase healthy life expectancy by 13 years.

The normalization of sodium and potassium has helped the Finnish Government to take a significant step in the health of the population. This has made it possible to move from the position of the country, which was the leader in Europe in mortality from cardiovascular diseases and low life expectancy, to the first place in terms of health. As a result, it is a reduction of human pain and suffering from diseases several times.

Statistics on the situation in Ukraine

  • Ukraine, as Finland once did, now ranks first in Europe in terms of deaths from heart and vascular diseases.
  • In 2019, the country has the lowest healthy life expectancy among European countries.
  • The frequency of strokes (as a consequence of hypertension) is 11-13 times higher than in Europe.
  • In 2020, more than 400,000 citizens died of cardiovascular diseases in Ukraine, while COVID-19 killed about 18,000.

How does the Ukrainian government work?

In 2018, the Ukrainian government adopted Order 530, which provided for a reduction in the consumption of sodium salt by 30%. But three years have passed, and the visible result has not been achieved. Because everything is left only on paper...

Therefore, Ukraine should certainly take advantage of the experience of the Finnish government. After all, it is not difficult to adopt a program of action at the legislative level to reduce to the norm the consumption of sodium salt to save the lives and health of thousands of Ukrainians. And for this there are all the prerequisites: the desire of the people, the government decree, and most importantly - the presence of salt in the market, similar to The Finnish - low in sodium, with the addition of potassium. The latter, by the way, is produced in Ukraine, and therefore to preserve a full life and health it can be purchased in shopping networksOnline stores Rozetka, Prom at an affordable price.

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