High blood pressure: why it is important to use special salt?

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Everyday table of an ordinary person abounds with dishes that contain salt in excess: spices, marinades, sausages, favorite fast food. A person should consume sodium chloride (table salt) for the normal functioning of the body - maintaining the electrolytic balance, but in moderate amounts, and in some diseases, for example, under increased pressure, and at all limit its use.

Why we need a salt?

SaltThe food salt consists of 61% Cl and 39% Na. The requirements for these elements are covered with 3-5 grams of salt, depending on the degree of health - the presence of increased pressure, renal failure, heart disease, age and physiological characteristics of a person. With the aforementioned conditions, the use of salt is significantly limited.

Salt plays a key role in many metabolic processes:

  • replenishes sodium stocks for bone, muscle and nerve tissues;
  • regulates the balance between water and electrolytes in the body;
  • It acts as a catalyst in the production of essential food enzymes.

Recently, more and more people prefer to eat salt with a reduced sodium stakes, but with the addition of Potassium and other minerals, which have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and other systems of the body.

High blood pressure? Try an alternative to salt

At elevated pressure, kidney problems, cardiovascular diseases, consumption of common salt is recommended to cut, because it attracts fluid, which overloads the organs. The result is increased strain on the kidneys and heart is forced to pump more blood. If the body can not cope, the result will be high blood pressure and headaches. Salt with potassium SOLENAThere is an exit - low-sodium saltWith the addition of its constituent potassium and other minerals.

The salt with potassium and reduced sodium content allows:

  • attach dishes familiar taste;
  • saturate the body with potassium, essential for proper heart health;
  • It does not affect the work of the kidneys and the entire urinary system as a whole;

Such a curative and prophylactic product, when ingested, has a beneficial effect on the body, it is important to use it at increased pressure, pregnancy, propensity to edema. And also it is simply expedient to use it as an additive to the food ration, for maintaining the general state of health.

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