Salty foods kills the immune system - scientists


Scientists have discovered that salt intake above normal can cause that our immune system one day rise up against us and begin to deal with the healthy cells of the body.

Experts say excess sodium salt inhibits the function of protecting the organism and increases the risk of autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Previously it was thought that the development of these diseases is the main role played by genetics, smoking and a lack of vitamin D.

The benefits and harms of saltBut now researchers believe - they already have enough evidence to assert that the immune system is also adversely affected by excess sodium chloride (common salt) in the diet.

Researchers from Yale University laboratory mice were transferred to different experimental diets and found that those with the diet longer salt are more likely prone to failure of the immune system.

"We were all very surprised to see how changes in the amount of salt in the diet can have a profound effect," - he said in an interview with BBC News David Hafler, professor of immunobiology at Yale.

Although a diet low in salt sodium is not a panacea for autoimmune diseases, but it will definitely be a positive step to prevent their development and complications. When you crack this diet is useful for preventing other problems associated with high salt intake such as high blood pressure.

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