Dental health harms common salt - US researchers

Здоровые зубы и соль

According to new research at the University of Alberta, a diet high in sodium salt is the cause calcium leaching from the body.

A study published in the American journal of physiology, explains that sodium (which is contained in regular table salt) and calcium extraction are regulated by the same cellular systems. This means that when the body tries to get rid of excess sodium, he thus washes away the calcium.

"This is important because we consume a lot of sodium in the diet," explains Dr Todd Alexander, who led the study. This means that our bodies have to get rid of a greater amount of calcium needed for healthy teeth and bones. Eventually, the excess sodium in the diet leads to tooth decay and degenerative disc disease.

"Our results demonstrate why it is important to adhere to the crack of the diet and why it is important to consume less of polufabrikatov, prepared foods that already contain salt," explains the researcher.

To monitor the levels of sodium, try to cook their own meals, using alternatives to salt. For example, if you can't give up salt, use salt with low sodium content.

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