“The Biggest Loser” shared the secret of weight loss

Диета похудения от взвешенного

Andrew Shlyakhov, one of the finalists of the popular show "The Biggest Loser" in Russia shared the secret of maintaining excellent form and maintain an optimal weight.

Before the project, Andrew weighed nearly 160 kg. After the show Andrew continued studying weight loss at home. While at home the young man was able to lose weight more than 70 kg, media reports.

Food habits of the family – this is a problem all full of people, – said Andrey. He gave an example of a case where the dispute was able to lose ten pounds, but then went back to old habits and previous weight.

Andrew  before and after

How to lose weight effectively?

After the show Andrew started to cook separately from my family. The food was a La carte every 4 hours. With this food for the evening is Andrew never wanted – so, he says, lose weight more efficiently.

Party show refused at first from sugar, then sweet and starchy products. White bread Andrey replaced with brown.

In this case Andrew stressed the importance of limiting consumption of common salt, and recommended to completely replace its salt with low sodium content. After this salt has the same taste, but instead contains a lot of excess sodium Potassium. Salt with low sodium content does not stagnate excess fluid in the body, removes swelling, which is already greatly facilitates movement and helps with physical activities.

Andrew prepares simple products. For example, for Breakfast you can eat cheese or eggs, eat fruit or pumpkin seeds. For lunch and dinner you can prepare fish, chicken, fresh salad or soup, add vegetables.

Participation in the show

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