STEPS Research 2019. Risk factors for noncommunicable diseases in Ukraine

In 2020, Ukraine hosted the presentation of the results of the STEPS study, WHO's step-by-step approach to epidemiological monitoring of risk factors noncommunicable diseases (NCD).

According to the results of the STEPS 2019 study, Ukrainians use sodium salt 12.6per day is almost three times the normWHO recommended (5g). At the same time, consume Potassium about 2,5per day is almost one and a half times less than the normWHO recommended (3.5g).

Reduce sodium intake and compensate potassium deficiency in nutrition for Ukrainians, like Finlandcan help replace regular salt on salt with potassium SOLENAthat responds to its characteristics WHO recommendationsAnd "Recommendations on salt diet" Associations of cardiologists and the Association of Nutritionists of Ukraine.

Unlike conventional sodium salts (such as stone, sea, Himalayan, which contain 95-98% sodium chloride), salt SOLENA Contains only about 70% sodium chloride, but contains 30% malnutrition potassium salts. Also in the SOLENA salt line are salts enriched with micronutrient deficiencies, such as magnesium, selenium, iodine, zinc, chromium.

Review of STEPS in Ukraine


Full version of the STEPS study results In here.