Сирпа Сарлио (Sirpa Sarlio)
Finns gave advice on how to improve health - TSN report (video below).

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In Ukraine, about 500,000 people die every year from cardiovascular diseases. Ukraine in this indicator ranks first among the 30 major countries in the world, and the frequency of strokes in Ukraine is 11-13 times higher than in Europe.

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Таблица № 1: Результаты проекта «North Karelia» за период 1970 — 2006 годы (на 100 000 населения) среди мужчин в возрасте 35-64 лет.

Table No. 1: Results of the North Karelia Project for the period 1970-2006 (per 100,000 population) among men aged 35-64

Table 2: Results of the North Karelia Project for the period 1970-2006 (per 100,000 population) for women aged 35-64.

Table 2: Results of the North Karelia Project for the period 1970-2006 (per 100,000 population) for women aged 35-64.

How is the problem of reducing cardiovascular disease in other countries solved?

В 60х годах Финляндия была страной с катастрофически высокой смертностью от сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний (ССЗ). По данным ВОЗ, смертность от ССЗ в одной из финских провинций Северная Карелия на тот момент была самой высокой в мире.

Then Finnish activists appealed to the Finnish government with a demand to understand the situation and reduce deaths from the cardiovascular disease.

As a result, the Government developed a project called North Karelia, which was funded for more than 25 years.

As part of this project, doctors began to study the causes of cardiovascular disease and find a solution. It turned out that the problem can be solved by changing diet and lifestyle.


What have the studies shown?

Studies have shown that the main reason for the high incidence of cardiovascular diseases is that Finns ate little greenery and consumed, as Ukrainians today, about 16g of salt per day, which exceeded the norm (5g) several times. This affected life expectancy and mortality from heart disease. There were, of course, other reasons - fatty food, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and more, but it had less impact on health.


  • As you know, regular (sodium) salt is the main source of sodium in the diet. Excess salt intake leads to excess sodium intake.
    Since sodium is also the main blood mineral that holds water well (one salt molecule holds up to 400 water molecules), the accumulation of excess sodium in the body leads to an increase in blood volume and an increase in blood volume blood pressure (BP).
  • The body is also so structured that the lack of Potassium in the diet leads to the delay of excess sodium. Therefore, it is very important to observe the norm of consumption of both sodium and potassium.
  • According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, most adults should consume 4.7g of potassium every day. This level of dietary intake should maintain lower blood pressure, reduce the adverse effect of salt on blood pressure, reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  • Based on the results of the study STEPS 2019, Ukrainians use sodium salt 12.6per day is almost three times the normWHO recommended (5g). At the same time, consume Potassium about 2,5per day is almost one and a half times less than the normWHO recommended (3.5g).
  • Excess intake of sodium salt and potassium deficiency are a risk factor for increased blood pressure and diseases of the cardiovascular system (CVD). According to the research, almost 80% of Ukrainians consume less daily potassium (sodium antagonist), the main source of which is fruits and vegetables.


What recommendations did Finnish doctors give?

During the "Northern Karelia" program to reduce potassium deficiency in the diet Finns were recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in potassium, as well as to give preference to vegetable fats instead of animals. Но главное — их убеждали уменьшить до нормы потребление соли и предлагали заменить обычную соль на более полезную — соль с уменьшенным на 30% содержанием натрия, с добавкой 30% соли калия, которая представлена в КАТАЛОГЕ ПРОДУКЦИИ. To normalize sodium and potassium intake in Finland, it was required to replace regular salt with reduced sodium content even in school meals.

School meals in Finland

What are the results?

The implementation of the recommendations by the population of the North Karelia program in the first years proved to be effective:

  • blood pressure in the population began to normalize;
  • the incidence of cardiovascular disease in the region is declining.

Such results were also made possible by the innovative Finnish salt, whose use in the diet helped to reduce potassium deficiency and reduce sodium salt intake to the norm.

В дальнейшем программу распространили на все регионы, и уже спустя два десятилетия смертность от ССЗ в Финляндии уменьшилась в 10 раз.

Change in salt intake (NaCl) in Finland 1977-2007

Dynamics of changes in diastolic blood pressure, salt intake and the number of strokes.

Dynamics of changes in diastolic blood pressure, salt intake and number of strokes

Dynamics of sodium-potassium ratio (Na/K) in men and women

Based on the materials presented on the website worldactiononsalt.com.

Dynamics of sodium-potassium ratio (Na/K) in men and women

The World Health Organization has taken into account the experience of the North Karelia project

WHO today takes into account the positive results of the Finnish experience of the North Karelia project to reduce the cardiovascular disease in its recommendations from 24.07.2020 and invites European countries to use salt with reduced sodium content in nutrition and food production, with the addition of potassium salt.

Finland is a healthy nation

The fact that today the Finns are the healthiest nation in Europe, there is also the merit of the project "North Karelia", thanks to which the incidence of the cardiovascular system decreased by 10 times, and the average life expectancy increased by 13 years.

Healthy salt in Ukraine

Ukraine is aware of the problem of excess consumption of sodium salt. Therefore, at its disposal No. 530 -r. from 26.07.2018, the KM of Ukraine has set a goal to reduce the consumption of sodium salt by the population by 30%.

В решении этой задачи, как и финнам, может помочь соль с уменьшенным содержанием натрия, которая уже более 7 лет производится в Украине под торговой маркой SOLENA.


SOLENA Healthy Food Salt, containing 30% potassium salt and 70% sodium salt, is offered in Ukrainian shops and supermarkets.

Salt SOLENA по своим характеристикам отвечает "Recommendations on salt diet" developed by the Association of Cardiology and the Association of Dietitians of Ukraine.

Conventional, sodium salts such as stone, sea, Himalayan contain 95-98% sodium chloride (NaCl). Unlike these salts, SOLENA salt contains only about 70% sodium chloride, but contains 30% potassium chloride and other micronutrients deficient in nutrition.

The SOLENA line-up features 10 types of salts for a healthy diet. In addition to the supplementation of potassium, among the salts produced there are salts with additives such as magnesium, selenium, iodine, zinc, chromium and others.

Cheapest source of potassium

SOLENA salt is the cheapest source of scarce potassium in nutrition.
The 700g jar contains 100g of potassium, so much potassium is contained:

  • 100 kg of sea salt or 30 kg of Himalayan salt;
  • 300 bananas;
  • 5 kg of dried apricots.

One 700g can of salt is enough for 3.5-5 months for one person.

Hope for the best

Salt producer SOLENA hopes that the use of SOLENA salt will help Ukrainians to normalize the intake of sodium and potassium, as the Finns did.
And as a result - will reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases several times, which will affect the increase in healthy life expectancy for a decade.

You can buy SOLENA salt at the Prom.ua, Rozetka and other Stores.

For more information on SOLENA salt for both doctors and health care patients, visit the website solena.ua.

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