Hypertension treatment: drugs, diet

Лечение гипертонии

Treatment of hypertensionHypertension - a very common disease, every year Youthful. Doctors say that the move to medicating need when blood pressure (BP) often rises to 140-150/90 mm Hg. article But when hypertension progresses together with diabetes, heart or renal failure, you start taking medicines you need and at a lower blood pressure.

Causes of hypertension:

  • a lot of salt in the diet (excess sodium),
  • potassium deficiency,
  • passive lifestyle,
  • stressful situations
  • not normal endocrine system,
  • excess weight,
  • alcohol, smoking,
  • genetic predisposition.

Three stages of hypertension

  • Stage 1 (mild) - when the blood pressure "jumps" to 150-160 / 90. An electrocardiogram (ECG) at the same time is good.
  • Stage 2 (average)- blood pressure stable to 180/100. Electrocardiogram warns of left ventricular hypertrophy. The fundus noticeable changes in the retina.
  • Stage 3 (severe) - blood rises above 200/115. Damaged vessels of the eye, brain, and kidneys.

Hypertensive crisis

Periodic surges of blood pressure in hypertension is called hypertensive crises.
At the same time manifested such symptoms of the disease:

  • powerful headache;
  • blood pressure jumps to 150/95;
  • lost orientation in space, appear nausea, blurred vision;
  • sudden reddening of the face.

Medication for hypertension

Medication for hypertension

About half of patients with moderate hypertension can maintain normal blood pressure without resorting to drugs. But with an increase in blood pressure above 160 90 appropriate medical resources. Today there are many means of treating hypertension, but their reception is possible only on doctor's orders. It can be:

    • Nifedipine – tablet under the tongue, works about five hours;
    • Furosemide (diuretic) – in the treatment of hypertensive crises intravenous usual;
    • Atenolol, and esmolol (if hypertensive crisis appeared due to low heart rate);
    • Captopril is 10-50 mg, the validity of about 5 hours;

and others.

Diet for hypertension

Less sodium, more potassium

In the treatment of hypertension doctors advise diet for hypertensive patients is to reduce eating sodium and increase intake of foods rich in Potassium (apricots, bananas, etc.).

It is known that sodium retains fluid in the body and this leads to an increase in pressure and heart failure, increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and premature death. But potassium is involved in water-salt balance of the body, on the contrary — contributes to the removal of excess fluid, reduces blood pressure and strengthens the heart.

Completely to refuse salt is harmful and inadvisable — because the body needed sodium, but in smaller amounts and in a balanced pair with potassium. And if the salt products are a mixture of salts of sodium and potassium, it is possible to solve several important problems: we get delicious food, reduced sodium content in foods and enrich your diet with potassium.
This salt is now produced in Ukraine. Salt SOLENA instead of sodium contains 30% potassium salts, while making food for hypertensive patients and healthy family members accustomed to the tasty and salty, but with HEALTH BENEFITS.

Add magnesium in food

Salt on hypertensionAccording to statistics, 88% of people suffering from hypertension there is a shortage of magnesium. It is the magnesium sulfate (magnesium) doctors struggling with severe bouts of hypertension. The relationship between high pressure and it is important for the health trace mineral is obvious. Instead use magnesium to relieve the symptoms of hypertensive crisis, it is easier and more useful to ensure its constant supply in the diet. For this reason, in a series of kitchen salt for hypertensive patients SOLENA with potassium and low sodium have salt with magnesium in an easily absorbed citrate form. Replace ordinary kitchen salt, the salt with potassium and magnesium, you will provide yourself and your family health and longevity. After all, SOLENA salt with microelements is an element of a healthy diet, not medication.

In the course of various studies have shown that lack of magnesium is one of the reasons for the development of cardiovascular diseases: cardiac arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, vascular malformations, infarction.

Improving the health of hypertensive patients after the replacement of ordinary kitchen salt in such salt mixtures as SOLENA, confirmed by international practice. The most famous example of the successful application of “smart” salt in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases – Finnish project of population health improvement “North Karelia”.

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