How to remove harmful salt and water from the body?

Как вывести вредную соль  и воду из организма? 1

Salt is a traditional flavor enhancer and preservative. But let's look at why salt is called “white death”, how it can be replaced and how to remove excess salt and water from the body.

Salt 100% sodium chloride in a terrifying way affects our blood vessels and leads to heart attacks and strokes. The damage sustained by the sodium – it is the cause of excessive accumulation of water, besides salt causes thirst. Due to excess water is excess load on the heart and blood vessels. Over time, the blood vessels of the heart to adequately shrink and expand at the right time – they are so impregnated with salt that they become fragile and inactive, and increased blood pressure. Therefore, for any hypertensive salty foods contraindicated.

How to reduce salt consuming? You must enter into the habit of leaving products salted insufficiently. Should reduce the purchase of products with high salt content such as canned foods, sauces, sausages, cheese, chips, crackers, etc. It is necessay to pay attention that very often the harmful salt is named under other names – sodium glutamate, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, sodium sulfite, sodium caseinate, disodium phosphate, caustic soda. If in the product you see, one of these components, it is better to reject it.

The withdrawal of excess salt from the body is possible. To do this, you must consume more foods containing Potassium and magnesium – they actively removes harmful sodium from the body and are antagonists of sodium. From ordinary salt is no good, but if you still want something to enhance the taste, you'll like this a useful solutional as SOLENA is the only available and produced in Ukraine salt potassium and low sodium.

Main useful products, exempting salt from the body is a Fig, dried apricots, bran, hazelnuts and almonds, Flaxseed and pumpkin seeds.

By eating healthy foods you get rid of extra salt and water, and the blood pressure will decrease.

Reduce the intake of sodium salt to normal and reduce potassium deficiency in the diet will help salt SOLENA low in sodium (70% sodium salt, 30% potassium salt). Click to see where to buy salt SOLENA. Shopping addresses