In the telecast “What the Doctor Prescribed”, Irina Voloshina (MD, specialist in internal medicine, cardiologist, vascular therapist) told how to eat properly in order to be healthy. The doctor explained the danger of eating foods that are in excess of sodium salt and trans fats. It turns out that already in childhood, due to malnutrition, there is a risk of hypertension. Irina Voloshina said that according to studies, Ukraine today is in first place in the world in mortality from cardiovascular diseases associated with exceeding the intake of sodium, the main source of which is sodium salt. The doctor also gave recommendations on how to reduce sodium intake.


In the developed countries of the world there is also the problem of exceeding sodium intake, the main source of which is sodium salt. One of the effective ways to normalize sodium intake in these countries was the replacement of sodium salt with a salt with a reduced sodium content, with the addition of Potassium. This replacement allows you to reduce sodium intake to normal and reduce potassium deficiency In nutrition.

A number of studies have proven that 80% of people with high blood pressure have an increased threshold for salt sensitivity, so they overfill food. The use of salt with a reduced sodium content in the diet helps to restore the threshold of sensitivity to salt and, consequently, reduce sodium intake.

In Ukraine, salt with a reduced sodium content is produced under the brand name SOLENA. SOLENA salt is a salt mixture of 70% sodium and 30% potassium salt with additives of micronutrients deficient in nutrition.

Usually, doctors recommend this salt to follow a salt diet for people with high blood pressure.

Use SOLENA salt both for a healthy diet and for the prevention of cardiovascular disease!

Reduce the intake of sodium salt to normal and reduce potassium deficiency in the diet will help salt SOLENA low in sodium (70% sodium salt, 30% potassium salt). Click to see where to buy salt SOLENA. Shopping addresses