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How water and salt affect human health?

It is known that the main components of water-salt metabolism are sodium, Potassium and chlorine, as they most influence on it.
The metabolism of these elements leads to a violation of water-salt balance and the emergence of diseases, including cardiovascular.

How to help the body maintain water and salt balance?

The flow of water can be adjusted independently.

And what about the macronutrients potassium, sodium and chlorine?

The main source of sodium and chloride in the diet is the usual sodium salt NaCl (sodium chloride), which contains over 97% sodium chloride. And the main source of potassium are vegetables and fruit.

According to the recommendations of the world organization of health (who), the amount of sodium in the diet should not exceed 2 g (5g of salt), and potassium – not less than 3,5 grams per day.

In everyday life people find it difficult to follow who recommendations, as the amount of salt in prepared foods is almost not regulated.
Ready-made food salt exceeds the recommended norm, which leads to excess consumption of salt several times (15-20 g per day).

To regulate the amount of sodium we can only in the preparation of food.

Since sodium attracts water, the presence of excess sodium in extracellular fluid increases its volume and therefore blood volume, resulting in higher blood pressure. Therefore, people with high blood pressure, to reduce the amount of extracellular fluid, doctors often prescribe diuretics.

As numerous European research, in the diet also present potassium deficiencyat around 20%.

To eliminate the potassium deficiency and the reduction in intake of sodium and electrolyte balance, nutritionists recommend to use a mixture of sodium and potassium salts instead of sodium salts.

Salinity, sodium and potassium salts of the mixture remains almost the same as that of the sodium salt, the quantity of chlorine remains the same, and the extra sodium deficit is replaced in the diet with potassium.

This mixture is called "salt with reduced sodium, potassium-enriched".

A useful replacement of salt

Replacement in the diet of common salt for salt with reduced sodium content, and normalizes the flow of sodium and potassium in the body and also helps to reduce the threshold of taste sensitivity to sodium salts. Since 75-80% of people with high blood pressure threshold of taste sensitivity to salt has increased, they have to desalinate food.

In Ukraine reduced sodium salt is produced under the brand name SOLENA. The basic composition of salt consists of 70% and 30% of the sodium salt of potassium salt.
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In the line of SOLENA salt is salt for those who controls the blood sugar level, it contains in its composition scarce nutritional minerals of magnesium, selenium, zinc and chromium.

Replace in the diet sodium salt for salt with reduced sodium, rich in potassium SOLENA!

Use salt SOLENA for a healthy diet!

We wish you health!

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